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    Mo3’s Killer Faces Life In Prison

    Life as a famous rapper comes with a multitude of perks. However, life in the spotlight isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. In fact, several celebrities face public scrutiny and, in some cases, life-threatening instances. In recent years, the rap community has lost several emcees who left a major mark on HipHop culture. The rap scene has especially lost a handful of promising young talents like rapper Mo3. The BadAzz Music Syndicate rapper was murdered at the hands of a gunman back in November 2020. Justice finally prevailed when police took Mo3’s killer into custody last week. Now the gunman faces a sentencing up to life in prison for the murder of Mo3.

                             Police Have The Footage

    life in prison
    via Daily Mail

    Celebrities are major targets in the public eye. Unflattering photos or videos don’t always give the best impression of a celebrity. In rapper Mo3’s case, police were able to capture his entire murder on tape. More importantly, the footage helped identify the rapper’s killer as 22-year-old Kewon Dontrell White. The video shows White driving parallel next to the rapper right before getting out of his car and approaching Mo3’s car. The 28-year-old tried to flee on foot, but White chased after him, firing several rounds. He shot him in the back of the head. According to sources, White drove a 2014 or 2015 Chevy Camaro with a weapon in his hand while chasing after Mo3. Now that police could identify White, it was only matter of time before they caught up with him.

                                 Facing Life In Prison

    life in prison
    via MyTexasDaily

    Murdering a man in cold blood definitely won’t stand in court for Kewon Dontrell White. The gunman received his punishment on February 26, 2020 when several Dallas County grand jurors indicted him. According to Dallas News, police arrested the 22-year-old gunman just three weeks after murdering the rising emcee Mo3. The masked murder has remained in federal custody on a felony charge for possessing a fireman in violation of a previous felony conviction. Some people just don’t learn from their mistakes. The gunman is scheduled to stand trial in federal court in April. Currently, he’s facing an entire decade in prison if he’s convicted on just a weapon charge. Though, it’s very likely he’ll also be convicted of murder and will face up to life in prison, without parole. Justice will be served for the BadAzz Music Syndicate rapper.

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