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    Mixxproduction Talks Projects, goals and more!

    Baruch Nembhard, professionally known as Mixx or Mixxproduction, is the industry’s favorite music engineer. With five #1 Billboard awards, nine gold and six platinum plaques under his belt, he is a diamond in the rough. Mixx has worked with some of the music industry’s most respected artists including; Drake, DJ Khaled, Kanye West, The Weeknd, French Montana, Teyana Taylor, and more. Hypefresh sits down with Mixx to talk about his projects, goals for 2021 and more.

    1. HypeFresh: Current project you are working on?

    Mixx: I’m currently putting the last touches on French Montana’s album and we also started another. I have a couple of songs with Chris Brown, CJ, and more. Be on the lookout.

    2. HypeFresh: Favorite artist to work with?

    Mixx: I love working with Teyana Taylor. Teyana always makes you feel like family and the best part is the way she does business is always on point.

    3. HypeFresh: Who do you aspire to collab with musically?

    Mixx: I would love to work in the studio with Dr. Dre. He produces and mixes records like myself. It would be an honor to learn from one of the greatest. I would love to see his approach on records from start to finish.

    4. HypeFresh: Would you ever consider transitioning into becoming an artist?

    Mixx: Yes, I have already considered being an artist. I have recorded a few songs already for fun. It’s more experimental to me. I’m not going to force it but one day I’ll drop some heat for the people. Funny thing is, as an artist I’m able to make songs from scratch to finish without the help of anyone in the studio.

    5. HypeFresh: Tell us about any future projects you have in the works?

    Mixx: I have a record label and production team I’m building. The plan is to sign new acts, both artists and producers. I’ll be also putting an engineering team together. Soon, I’ll be able to also play an executive role to help change lives for the better.

    6. HypeFresh: What do you hope to obtain by the end of the 2021 year?

    Mixx: At the end of the year I’ll be proud of myself if I have my new companies up and running and have most of the new year of 2022 planned out.

    7. HypeFresh: What advice do you have for other up and coming engineers/producers?

    Mixx: I have simple but potent advice. Never give up. It’s advice that was given to me by a legend when I was starting out. I’m letting you know how powerful it was for me to keep kicking down the door. One day you will breakthrough.

    8. HypeFresh: What are your social media handles?

    Mixx: Catch me on all social media platforms!

    • IG – @mixxproduction
    • Twitter – @mixx_production
    • Facebook – Mixx Production
    • Clubhouse – @mixx
    • Twitch – Mixxproduction

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