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    Missy Elliot Tells Doja Cat “She’s Created Her Own Lane”

    Every artist has that moment where they become their biggest critic. Hit-maker artist Doja Cat has quickly asserted herself as one of the biggest artists of today’s world. She’s already won a handful of awards for one of her breakout tracks like “Say So.” Not to mention, she just released her third studio album Planet Her, which has received majorly positive reviews. Despite all her early success though, the hit-making artists still feels like she needs improvement. Even worse, she feels like she doesn’t fit in with the rap and pop industry. Luckily, the legendary Missy Elliot reminds her “she’s created her own lane.”

                       Doja Cat Self-Criticizes Herself

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    During an interview with Interview Magazine, Doja Cat sat down with Missy Elliot to discuss her artistry . Rather than boast about her music, the “Kiss Me More” artist self-criticized herself. In particular, Doja Cat pointed out that she needed to work on her lyricism. She revealed that rapping doesn’t come easy for her, compared to singing. In fact, the artist told Elliot that “I get writer’s block, because I don’t want to write something stupid.” Arguably, the rapper says some of the quirkiest things on some of her lyrics but they’re never silly.

                       Doja Cat Is In A Lane All Her Own

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    Additionally, Doja Cat explained that she doesn’t feel she fits the mold of a typical rapper that raps about their everyday lives The “I Don’t Do Drugs” artist thinks it’s time for her to switch gears and start talking about her personal life. Missy Elliot, who admitted to never “fitting in” herself, encouraged Doja Cat to stay true to artistry. She even mentioned that Doja Cat has “created her own lane.” It’s true that Doja Cat has certainly made a space all her own for her music to exist. Hopefully, she never changes.


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