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    Minnesota Timberwolves Become True Contenders after Blockbuster Trade

    This NBA offseason continues to throw fans and insiders for a loop. Last week, the Minnesota Timberwolves traded a bunch of picks and depth for star C Rudy Gobert. There are tons of assets heading to Utah, however, it’ll be impossible to tell who won this trade based on what happens in the upcoming seasons and how the Jazz draft. Now that the Timberwolves have a true rim protector and one of the best scorers (Karl Anthony-Towns). In all of the NBA sitting in the paint, they can prove to be threats. Many are beginning to call these two the “Stifle Towers”.

    1) Game Changer for the Minnesota Timberwolves

    In today’s game of NBA, many teams don’t play a traditional big man. Thanks to Golden State Warriors PG Stephen Curry for revolutionizing the game forever. The wolves are attempting to establish the rhetoric of the importance of bigs in basketball. There have been only two centers who are signed contracts over $200 million and two of them play for Minnesota, according to . These two will cause plenty of problems for teams matchup-wise and are built to dominate the boards as well. Not many teams have two seven-footers to lean on!

    2) Karl Anthony-Towns Impact 

    One of the most immensely skilled and talented offensive players in the league. The offense primarily runs through Towns and his ability to shoot efficiently only helps open up the offense. Not to mention, he’s shooting 41% (150-366). Town’s shooting percentage from deep leads all centers in NBA history (39.7%) and he ranks 17th among active players All his attributes aside, many forget that he’s still a willing passer. Towns combined with Gobert on the glass on top of putback opportunities and second-chance points.

    While defensively Towns have proven to be a liability. He’s gotten better over the years, however, with Gobert there to help him in the paint his responsibilities may lessen significantly. This only helps him more offensively.

    “I think our goal is to win enough games to put KAT’s jersey in the rafters,” new president of basketball operations Tim Connelly told The Athletic . “He’s a guy that’s been through so much, and he’s only getting better and better. We’re going to go as far as he takes us.”

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