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    Milky Chance’s “Living in a Haze” Takes You to the Dance Floor

    German electro-pop duo Milky Chance is back with their latest single, “Living in a Haze.” And it’s a banger that will get you moving. Highlighted as the title track from their highly anticipated album, this song showcases trilling guitars, club beats, and the distinctive moody growl of lead vocalist Clemens Rehbein. It’s a reminder that even when life gets tough, dancing can be a form of escape.

    The music video for “Living in a Haze” takes the dancing theme even further, with Milky Chance as part of a music video production. The duo serves in menial positions until they daydream about joining the dancers and electrifying the choreography with their moves.

    They become the show’s stars, inviting viewers to participate in the fun.
    Milky Chance has come a long way from their high school jazz quintet days, and their creativity and community spirit remain intact. “Living in a Haze” is a testament to their evolution and ability to produce infectious dance tracks.

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