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    Mikey Devious Releases New Single “Chilling Like Montana,” A Modern Hip-Hop Ode to Iconic Scarface Character

    Up-and-coming hip-hop artist Mikey Devious is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Chilling Like Montana,” an electrifying track inspired by Tony Montana, with a contemporary twist on the iconic story, Mikey Devious expertly blends the worlds of cinema and hip-hop in a song that will captivate listeners.

    In “Chilling Like Montana,” Mikey Devious delves into the powerful persona of Tony Montana, exploring themes of ambition, power, and the pursuit of the American Dream. The single boasts an infectious beat, a catchy chorus, and intricate verses that showcase Mikey Devious’s storytelling prowess and lyrical dexterity. The track effortlessly melds Scarface’s gritty atmosphere with modern hip-hop’s energy and swagger.

    Mikey Devious is a versatile artist with a unique ability to weave compelling narratives and infectious rhythms together. In “Chilling Like Montana,” he pays homage to an iconic character while simultaneously creating a fresh and innovative sound that is distinctly his own. The single is a testament to Mikey Devious’s musical growth and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop.

    You can now enjoy “Chilling Like Montana” by streaming and downloading it on all leading digital music platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.Fans of Mikey Devious and Scarface alike are encouraged to dive into this exhilarating track and experience the world of Tony Montana through the eyes of an inventive and ambitious hip-hop artist.

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