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    Mike Tyson Has Words of Wisdom For Cordae

    Even for celebrities, life is hard. Rapper Cordae was recently a guest on the Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast. Cordae described feeling like raps “underdog”. He stressed the spiritual component to his life’s journey.

    Mike Tyson’s Words of Wisdom

    Former boxer, Mike Tyson, seemed to have a lot of advice for the budding star. He reminded the younger man that your mind will only work *for you* if you train it to obey you! Tyson believes that your mind is “not your friend”. Tyson does, however, think that the brain is the most important part of the human body. Therefore, not only will your mind control you if you do not control it, but it will also, according to Tyson, destroy your entire life (including yourself)!

    Never Finished Growing

    Cordae also described feeling like he will always be growing as an artist and as a person until the day he dies. Because of this, Tyson and Cordae both agree that one can never know themselves truly.


    1. While I totally agree with the information Mike Tyson is imparting regarding our minds controlling and possibly destroying our lives with a slight distinction….Yes, the brain is important to the body but is it THE most important part of the body? That’s debatable….. I personally think the most important part of the body is the heart…. for the heart is where God lives. Also, the brain, the mind… that is where the ego stations itself. So… from which body part do we want to manifest from? I think it’s a a multi body part function that helps to create a life worth living.

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