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    Migos Split: Four Reasons Why The Group Won’t Dismember

    The big question remains: are the Migos going separate ways? Offset sparked rumors that the Migos split may be official. On May 18, fans notice that Offset unfollowed fellow members of the group, Quavo and Takeoff. Not only that, Offset’s wife, megastar rapper, Cardi B joined the unfollow train as well. According to Newsweek, adding insult to injury, the other two band members, Takeoff and Quavo announce a duo project. The project’s title is Unc and Phew, released on Friday May 20, 2022. Revolt revealed the name of the project’s single, “Hotel Lobby” and documents that the song being teased as far back as February. Revealing snippets from the song, the producer Murda Beatz let fans know that new music was soon hitting the fan.

    Are Migos Actually Splitting?

    Although there are no confirmations that the group will be disbanding, fans speculate and of course dive deeper to find answers. We have faith in Migos as they are a big part of the Atlanta music culture, even naming some of their top albumsCulture. Being such a big deal, even Offset’s wife names their first born daughter Kulture. Here are a few reason why we think the Migos are going to stick it out.

    A Little Bit of Straightenin’: Sticking it Out

    1. Family Matters. The group is big on family values as they are actually relatives. Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle and Offset is Quavo’s cousin. The Migos family tree is tight-knit.
    2. Longevity. Time is of the essence. According to Allmusic, the band formed in 2009 under the name, Polo Club. Then, in 2012 the hit record “Bando” took off overnight.
    3. Publicity. With allegations that Lil Baby is outshining other Quality Control artists, maybe the Migos are stirring the pot for fans with new gossip, because we all know fans love some good gossip. Gossip brings about attention and new interests with the artists.
    4. Love. The artists are always expressing how much they love one another, and has sworn recently that they will never let anything come between them. Although fans like to compare the group members to one another, they still stick together even when working on individual projects.

    We hope that the Migos split doesn’t happen. We believe in the Migos! Y’all should too.

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