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    Migos Demonstrates Impact Gold Chains Has On HipHop Culture

    People often claim that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. However, in the world of rap, this statement takes on a different significance. Rappers have been adorning themselves with gold chains, links, and grills since the 90s to showcase the true power of wealth. Nevertheless, the YouTube docuseries “Ice Cold” by Migos Jewelry delves into a more profound exploration of what bling represents for these artists.

                Migos Details The History Of Rappers & Their Gold Chains

    gold chains
    via Complex

    Throughout the history of rap, many artists have showcased their love for extravagant jewelry, commonly known as “ice.” It has become a significant aspect of Hip Hop culture. However, the rap group Migos believes that their “iced-out bling” carries a deeper significance beyond mere flaunting. In their new YouTube docuseries titled “Ice Cold,” Migos explains that their jewels represent the American Dream. They emphasize the importance of understanding the diamonds and jewels as a reflection of their journey and the hardships they’ve overcome. Quavo expressed in a recent interview with Hypebeast, “Wearing these jewels is like displaying our accomplishments and making us feel like someone.” While rappers have faced criticism for their lavish jewelry, Migos aims to shift the narrative through their series.

                                     The All-Star Cast

    gold chains
    via HipHopDX

    The Migos’ Ice Cold series provides valuable insights into the impact of gold chains on HipHop culture. Alongside its rich historical context, the series includes interviews with renowned rap artists, both veterans and newcomers, including City Girls, De La Soul, French Montana, and Slick Rick. It’s an impressive lineup of talent. Additionally, Ice Cold showcases the involvement of influential figures from Quality Control, such as co-founders Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “P” Thomas, who serve as producers alongside Migos. Directed by Karam Gill, the series is available for viewing on YouTube.



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