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    Middle East Peace Plan Fails To Please Palestinians

    Today Donald Trump released what it says is a realistic two-state solution between Palestine and Israel. The peace plan offers little to no new concessions for Palestine.

    However, the peace plan looks like a trap for Palestine. The peace plan lopsided at best offers Palestine a possible statehood. Leaving many asking how Israel could offer taken land as if it didn’t already belong to Palestine.

    Trump said that Israel has a map of the land that Palestine would get in response to signing the peace deal. These were only concessions Israel had made on behalf of Palestine.

    In his speech, Trump said that Palestine statehood depended on denouncing terrorist attacks against America’s interest in the region. Also, Trump said that ending Hamas was also apart of the plan.

    Meanwhile, missing from the meeting were Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. Countries that have played roles for years in trying to end to the conflict.

    After the meeting, Palestinians began to protest in the streets. Leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization called the deal a “hoax.”

    Middle East Peace Plan Fails-1

    However, many believe this deal is nothing more than a slap in the face of Palestine. Netanyahu said that Trump’s plan would recognize Israeli control over large parts of Palestine.

    Furthermore, Netanyahu said that this was an excellent plan for Israel and the peace process. Saying that the status quo of Israeli control over the area would remain until a deal was reached, which could take years.

    Mr. Indicted and Mr. Impeached

    However, the end of Netanyahu’s career could come much sooner. As the Israeli state prosecutor has filed charges against Netanyahu in Jerusalem district court.

    Charging Netanyahu with bribery, fraud, and breach of trust. Making Netanyahu the first and only prime minister to be indicted while still in office.

    Meanwhile, in the united states, Donald Trump’s trial has erupted. As former national security advisor, John Bolton finishes his tell-all book.

    While Trump’s legal team fights to keep witnesses out of the trial, Bolton’s book may tip the scales in favor of the democrats.

    What do you think about the peace deal? Is it fair, or could more have been done more to help Palestine? let us know in the comments.

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