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    Michelle Obama Fears For Daughters Lives After Chauvin Verdict

    Police brutality continues to grow at an alarming rate in America. Fortunately, the black community has fought back against the outward act of racism. Furthermore, Black America has demanded change. In the face of war, the black community has won some battles. For instance, a court jury found former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin who killed George Floyd guilty. The white officer’s verdict made some sigh in relief, but others still feel uneasy. Even former First Lady Michelle Obama still fears for daughter’s lives.

                       Black America’s Fight For Change

    via The New York Times

    Change doesn’t happen overnight, but it does eventually come to past. The Black Lives Movement has fought for the rights of black people everywhere. Additionally, important black activists have demanded change to take place. During the Breonna Taylor case, activists convinced states to make it a law for police to knock before breaking down someone’s door. Additionally, laws now require police to wear body cams when conducting investigations. Furthermore, a court jury found a Minneapolis officer guilty for murdering a black man in cold blood. Instances such as these have proven vital to the advocacy for change in the treatment of black persons. However, much of Black America still fears for their lives in the face of racism, especially police brutality.

     The Former First Lady Fears For Her Daughter’s Lives


    The Derek Chauvin guilty verdict led many to rejoice. While the verdict is a step in the right direction for change to take place, there’s still a long road ahead. In fact, Michelle Obama revealed on CBS This Morning that she even fears the for daughter’s lives.

    Michelle says that many black American’s have become fearful of everyday situations like entering a grocery store and walking their dogs. They even worry about their children obtaining their driver’s license. The former first lady revealed that both her daughters, Sasha and Malia, drive now. While most parents would be thrilled, Michelle isn’t. “They’re driving, but every time they get in a car by themselves, I worry about the assumptions someone will make when they know nothing about them.” Clearly, America has a long way to go before achieving change.

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