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    Miami Rapper Rollie Bands Found Dead Outside His Home

    Coming up in the rap scene takes tons of dedication and motivation. However, it also takes some streets-smarts. Unfortunately for Miami’s rising star Rollie Bands, the rapper revealed too much information about himself at the wrong time and place. As a result, he was discovered dead outside his home. No matter how hard rappers try to achieve a life of fame and fortune, that can’t seem to escape streetlife.

    Rollie Bands Makes A Bad Move That Ends His Life

    Rollie Bands
    via MMA Underground Forums

    Rappers start feuds with emcees from time to time. Some appear harmless while others become old news in a day or two. However, some rappers end up pissing off the wrong person. Apparently, Miami rapper Rollie Bands made one too many enemies to count in his life.

    Furthermore, FOX13 in Tampa reported last Friday police found the rapper face-down in the parking lot of his IQ Apartment Complex. Medics rushed the rising emcee to the nearest hospital in an effort to revive him. However, Bands died on the hospital bed. A single gunshot wound took his life.

    Prior to his death, Bands wrote a message to his haters on an Instagram story, basically inviting them to a shot-out. Unfortunately, the rapper made the wrong call after posting that message publicly to his enemies, especially since they knew where he lived.

    Making matters worse, police didn’t arrive in time to catch the murders. The police report stated that the killers drove off right before they arrived. At this time, no further information has been revealed about Rollie Bands’ murder case.

    The Rap Community Mourns Their Loss

    Rollie Bands
    via Tampa Bay Times

    Since the news hit about the rapper’s death, everyone in the rap industry has felt the weight of his passing. The fans especially mourned over Bands untimely death. Many fans wrote for the rapper to rest in peace, while others remembered the legacy he left behind.

    Furthermore, Rollie Bands had a sizable network of 6,000 followers on his social media pages. Additionally, he released a few tracks that gained him serious notoriety. Clearly, the emcee was well on his way to becoming a big-time rap star. We at Hypefresh share our deepest condolences.

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