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    Metro Boomin Confirms Production on The Weeknd’s Next Album!

    Metro Boomin Confirms Production on The Weeknd’s Next Album!

    Music fans be elated as Metro Boomin, the sought after producer recognized for his constantly in-theatre soundscapes just announced that he is back in the studio working with The Weeknd on fresh cuts for the Canadian star’s new LP. Fans are very excited about this collaboration, and this is definitely going to have a big impact on the music industry.

    Metro Boomin’s latest album Heroes & Villains just hit the music platforms though, and it includes appearances from Travis Scott, Young Thug, Gunna 21 Savage Chris Brown ASAP Rocky as well as the late Takeoff. Already having heard glimpses of his rapping ability mixed with his melodic sound, fans have been eager for audio since the album dropped.

    However, the Metro Boomin-produced “Six Feet Under” featuring The Weeknd is undeniably a standout offering as well. With notable projects that precede it, such as “Heartless” off The Weeknd’s 2020 album “After Hours,” and once more with the 2016 release of “Reminder,” which too was a part of “Starboy,” they have an interesting amalgamation in store. Plus, the intricately dark soundscapes that Metro Boomin has made a name for himself creating pair perfectly with The Weeknd’s soulful voice on these collaborations.

    Last chance to see? Fans are certainly eager as the artist has been teasing new music on his social media over the last couple of weeks and [hinting at] elements like ‘fire’ and ‘rebirth.’ Now, all of these teasers on top of the already announced Metro Boomin working with him have led to folks wondering if The Weeknd is going in for something dark and more rap-leaning.

    The news of their partnership was broken in a video on RapCaviar’s Twitter account, where Metro Boomin says they’re “working on” and “cooking up ’em vegots for The Weeknd.” This confirmation lays out the welcome mat for what might possibly be one of 2020’s most highly-anticipated albums.

    With that said, it’s only speculation on our part but we can’t help but wonder if The Weeknd is going to tap into those dark, melodic and hard-hitting beats of their previous collabs. There’s no set release date or anything yet, but fingers crossed the album will be coming out before 2024 is over — it would certainly fit into The Weeknd’s current schedule of releasing new music fairly often.

    To sum it all up, Metro Boomin and The Weeknd’s collaboration’ might just be a powerful moment in music this year. Be sure to listen to “Heroes & Villains” on the streaming service of your choice, and keep an eye out for more updates about what’s happening with The Weeknd’s next LP. Not only does this partnership continue to show how great they sound together, but it could also be a huge win for music in general.

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