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    Method Man Creates A Reward System For His Nephew

    Encouraging our children or even the next generation to do better than ourselves requires some serious motivation. Some people like Method Man even use a reward system to help youth achieve their goals. Speaking of which, the rapper and actor recently told his thousands of fans that he’ll pay his nephew $100 every semester he makes good grades.

    His Reward System

    When it comes to parenting styles, there’s various ways to encourage children to do the right thing. As mentioned before, Method Man developed a reward system for his nephew to help him stay in school.

    In a TikTok post, the rapper challenged his nephew to get a stellar report card every semester. If he succeeds, Method Man will reward him $100 every semester he makes good grades. “There are four semesters in a year right? That’s 400. That’s 400. Do it,” he said in the brief video. When it comes to Inspiring academic excellence, Method Man is doing his part to make sure his kin stays in school.

    Fans Call Him Cheap

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    While some people were all for Method Man rewarding his nephew with money for good grades, others disagreed. Specifically, some people had an issue with the dollar amount the rapper was willing to offer. One Twitter user implied that the “All I Need” rapper was being cheap, after claiming they paid their niece money for every A or B on their report card. That’s a lot of money, but for a good cause in the end.

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