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    Method Man Publicly Apology To Destiny’s Child Goes Viral

    Shouts out to the people that can honestly admit that they are behaving out of pocket.

    No matter how big you are, you are never too big to give a public apology. Even if it takes years to realize your wrongdoing, it is better late than never. New York emcee Method Man recently apologized for how he shunned Destiny’s Child backstage at a concert in the early 2000s.

    Since stepping on the scene, Method Man has always authentically been himself. Despite all of his success, for many years the “Wu-Tang Clan” rapper kept a chip on his shoulder.

    Method Man Confesses

    During an interview with the Math Hoffa podcast, Method Man admitted to letting his ego get the best of him when he initially met Beyoncé and the rest of the original members of Destiny’s Child. The rapper went into detail about how he mustered up the courage to walk to them and say hello. He felt disrespected when there was no response, but in hindsight, they never even heard him.

    So when the time came and Destiny’s Child introduced themselves, he didn’t have the decency to shake their hands, the ultimate sign of disrespect. To add more insult to injury, he called them out for being phony and too “Hollywood” for his liking.

    Method Man is lucky that the public never caught wind of this incident beforehand. We already know how ruthless and overprotective the “Beyhive” can get when someone comes for their queen. His career could’ve possibly played out there differently if this was brought to light before.

    Not The Same Man

    Fortunately for him, he grew out of those insecure tendencies that caused him to behave like so and can now reflect on his growth. Now granted, they don’t have to accept this overdue public apology if they don’t want to. But apologies are more about reflection and taking accountability for where you went wrong. Instead, the focus is on seeking the actual approval from the ones they’ve wronged.

    Method Man is just trying to write his mistakes. You can’t do anything but respect that. Hopefully, more entertainers can follow suit and admit to their past transgressions. All in all, a sincere public apology is the first step to healing.

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