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    Mental Health Plagues Los Angeles Clippers PG John Wall

    Los Angeles Clipper star PG John Wall admits to struggling and dealing with mental health issues after suffering his Achilles injury. Over the past two years, Wall seems to not have been able to catch a break from life, reported CNN. The 31-year-old spoke about his experiences during an interview with the Salvation Army. In fact, during the interview, he describes the past two years as one of the “darkest places I’ve ever been in.”

    Later, ClutchPoints tweeted a snippet of Wall’s interview. He spoke about during his times of doubt and pure sadness he battled suicidal thoughts. Attempting to understand, after being sidelined for two years, especially, being recognized as one of the best in the league at the time can be mentally draining. In fact, he had to hear even once he returned about him losing a step from fans and the organization. Naturally, this deteriorates one’s confidence, and possibly over time, unsettling thoughts crept in.

    “At one point in time, I thought about committing suicide,” Wall said. “Tearing my Achilles, my mom passing, my grandma dying a year later, in the midst of COVID. Me going to chemotherapy, sitting by my mom taking her last breaths wearing the same clothes for 3 days straight.”

    How did John Wall Reach this Point?

    During the interview, Wall went into great detail on his Achilles injury, however, he discusses his mom being sick. Later, she eventually passes and then followed by his grandmother passing just a year later. Not to mention, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that took place. It appears Wall was juggling more than the average person does and it began to have wear and tear on him mentally. Yet, Wall expresses that these tough times made him tougher and stronger mentally. He doesn’t regret any of it because through those tough times he’s come out from the other side advantageous.

    “Me going to the chemotherapy and sitting there. I saw my mom take her last breath. Wearing the same clothes for three days straight and laying on the couch sobbing,” Wall said. “Looking at all that, I’m like, if I can get through this, I can get through anything in life.”

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