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    Memphis Bleek on Dame Dash & R. Kelly: “You Straight Lyin Brah!”

    Bleek has a few words to add regarding the R.Kelly hype that’s hit all major news and radio: “Damon Dash Straight Lying.”

    According to Damon Dash, R.Kelly violated his girl and was reportedly dating Aaliyah after her relationship with R Kelly. Therefore, Dash stated that his morals differed from Kelly and that he was not in support of any recording album with Jay Z for The Best of Both Worlds.

    A lot has come to pass with “The King Of R&B” topic and the Lifetime Series of Surviving R Kelly. Even Kelly’s daughter has claims and spoke unfavorably in regards to her father’s misconduct. Memphis Bleek has ‘come to bat’ stating that statements made publicly by newly surfaced videos and interviews are false; that Damon never frowned upon the support of R Kelly’s recording career. Bleek also states that Damon Dash was even in the “stu” for production of R Kelly’s album efforts with Roc-A-Fella.

    So, it looks like everyone has been covering up the bullshit if you ask me. Don’t believe us, just check out the video above!

    What do Hype Fresh Readers think? Is this a loose battle bringing up what everybody has already known for decades? Is Dash putting on a front to appease the masses?


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