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    Memphis Artist Big Moochie Grape Flexes On Track “Cotton Candy”

    Growing up in a rough part of town can either break or make someone. For East Memphis rapper Big Moochie Grape, the streets became his teacher for life and survival. However, street life led the rising emcee to quit school and face homelessness. Worst of all, Grape was placed behind bars at just 8-years-old. Admittedly, Big Moochie Grape has always been a bit of a bad apple. Though, he didn’t want to be one forever. By 2017, Grape turned to music and started pursuing a career as a rap star.

    Eventually, he found a studio in his hometown of East Memphis and started recording music. He’d take demo tracks to clubs and request DJs to play his songs. Soon he caught the eye of the famous Memphis star Young Dolph, who eventually signed him to his record label Paper Route Empire. After that, the rest was history.

    Grape released his debut EP Eat or Get Ate that made the rap star an instant success. The raunchy record ushered in an era of early success for the Memphis artist, leading him to ride around in a new purple Lamborghini and wear $100,000 worth of jewels. Indeed, he’d come a long way from the streets.

    From then on, Big Moochie Grape started putting out more records that heightened his success. His hit singles “I’m The One” and “Never Had Sh*t” off his recent EP East Haiti Baby, garnished the rapper well over 1.5 million views on YouTube. Continuing to put out more great bangers, Big Moochie Grape recently dropped the music video for his track “Cotton Candy.” The video’s colorful aesthetics and Grape’s braggadocios verses reminds us that he’s still that G from the streets of Memphis.

    Big Moochie Grape Flexes All Day On “Cotton Candy”

    Rappers are known for being unapologetic. Though, Big Moochie Grape has no filter when it comes to his songs. In fact, the East Memphis rapper put everything out on the table for everyone to see after dropping the visuals for his newest track “Cotton Candy.” Furthermore, the video offers an appealing aesthetic, with much of the clip subdued in candy-colored blues, pinks and purples, much like cotton candy. However, the fun-colored visuals act in direct contrast to the content of the video.

    Big Moochie Grape talks of his come up game, boasting about his lavish new lifestyle. He’s feeling himself so much that he even puts on a graphic display of him being intimate with a video vixen. Never one to stray from raunchy-filled topics, Grape proceeds to rap about stealing other guys’ girlfriends. Furthermore, the rapper even deemed the act as being one of his favorite pastime activities when he’s not in the studio. Clearly, the rapper loves life in the fast lane and he’s not afraid to show it in his music videos either.

    What’s Next For The East Memphis Star?

    Cotton Candy
    via Spotify

    When it comes to Paper Route Empire’s newest signee Big Moochie Grape, he’s never one to stop putting out great records. Ahead of the release of his track “Cotton Candy” and its EP, the star rapper has released other great hits like “Big Juice” and “Non Stop.” Though, Grape solidified his mark on rap music after the release of his most powerful and defiant “In Dolph We Trust” track off of Paper Route Empire Presents: Long Live Dolph. Big Moochie Grape has accomplished a lot in a short few years. Additionally, he’s gained huge coverage from XXL, UPROXX, 2DopeBoyz, and HotNewHipHop.

    Clearly, the Memphis star doesn’t disappoint. He has plans to continue to make great music. Be sure to look out for more music by the Paper Route Empire artist, Big Moochie Grape.

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