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    Melanie Martinez Drops Otherworldly Single “DEATH” Ahead of PORTALS Album Release

    Melanie Martinez continues to captivate her fan base with her latest single, “DEATH,” serving as the opening track for her upcoming album PORTALS, set to be released on March 31st. Co-produced by Martinez and CJ Baran, the song embraces her distinctive alt-pop style and signals the revival of her cherished character, “Cry Baby.”

    Unveiled through a spellbinding trailer, “DEATH” has ignited excitement and conjecture within her fan community. The recent revelation of PORTALS’ tracklist has further intensified the fervor that began when Martinez initially introduced the album on TikTok. Her teasers, having garnered over 115 million views across social platforms, have only heightened the anticipation for the complete release.
    Having made her mark with her debut album, Cry Baby, Martinez has solidified her status as an artistic luminary. The album’s imaginative self-directed visuals and chart-topping singles have accumulated an impressive 6 billion total streams and 1.5 billion video views. PORTALS promises to embark listeners on a fresh creative odyssey, solidifying Martinez’s enduring place in the realm of alt-pop.


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