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    Meikhel Philogene “Who Is M.E.I” Is A Musical Exploration Of Himself

    Many music artists have taken the road less traveled. In other words, they’re becoming their own boss. As an independent artist, they have creative control over their music and drop records in their own time without the constraints of a record label. Music executive, artistic manager, publicist and journalist Meikhel Philogene certainly has his own company on wheels. Having worked in every facet of the music industry, he’s also the founder and CEO of M.E.I Recordings and Psalm Infinity. Clearly, the artist beats to his own drum.

    It’s no wonder that other big name artists have taken notice of him, such as The Game. Additionally, he’s appeared in a whole host of publications such as Entrepreneur, The Source, Thisis50, AllHipHop, Thrive Global, and Medium. The co-signs and press have aided Meikhel Philogene in pursuing his music career.

    Recently, the artist dropped his debut EP Who Is M.E.I, a three-track project that lets audiences into Philogene’s world. Those who love orchestra, will certainly become a fan of the symphony of instrumentals packed in this record.

    An EP Featuring A Symphony Of Instruments

    Music fans love to choose from a wide variety of different music genres and artists. Executive producer Meikhel Philogene has certainly carved out a place in the industry for his music to exist. The multi-talented artist just dropped his first EP Who Is M.E.I, a sort of musical sampling that gives a taste of what the artist has to offer.

    By this being his first record released, first impressions are always important. Furthermore, Philogene’s 3-track record comes as an interesting surprise, given that it’s entirely composed of instrumentals. Each track has its own distinctive sound, letting audiences know that there’s something for everyone. While one track has funky, upbeat sounds mixed with a piano number, another features a Spanish guitar. In particular, the very last song “I” features gospel organ chords, to represent Philogene’s church upbringing. If there’s one thing audiences have learned about Meikhel Philogene, it’s that he really loves mixing different sounds together to create his own orchestral number.

    Get To Know Meikhel Philogene

    meikhel philogene
    via TheSource Magazine

    Meikhel Philogene has something new to offer to the music industry. While his debut record is far from mainstream, it does offer the potential to make room for a new music genre. Until then, the new artist plans to release more music in the near future. Additionally, he’s eager to collaborate with more artists and music producers to help get his name out to the masses.

    Be sure to check out Meikhel Philogene’s debut EP Who Is M.E.I.





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