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    Megan Thee Stallion Makes History Headlining Madison Square Garden

    Blazing female independent rapper, known for her fiery verses and saucy performances, makes musical history as she headlines from a concert to sell out the holy grail for concerts in Madison Square Garden. The legendary event took place on May 21, 2024, during her highly anticipated “Hot Girl Summer” tour headlining with her very own sold-out concert.

    Making her first major performance with a festival tour and her popularity since 2017, the concert highlighted how talented Megan is and how she has really connected with her fan base in a remarkable way.

    The night kicked off with Megan making an impression on the stage with her opening track “Hiss,” a power-packed song that saw the audience up on their feet. She carried away fans going through her recent singles, including “Cobra” and “BOA,” in which she was impregnated in the performance by her lyrical skill and dynamic impression on stage. The concert went ahead for thrilling dance moves, highly energetic and presented with Megan’s backup dancers, making the house pulse.

    The biggest surprise moment happened when her fellow rapper Cardi B joined Megan on stage. Dressed in a jaw-dropping black corset and leather boots up to her thigh, the crowd roared as they continued to perform “Bongos” and their hit single “WAP,” further setting a blaze the already red-hot Madison Square Garden.

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    The concert also was a stage in which Megan grasped the opportunity to express her thoughts on critical issues. As she belted through “Gift And a Curse,” which made a strong comment stating support for abortion rights, she held on to the message with an emphatic fist into the air.

    The show ended with Megan performing the smash hit “Savage,” and she lit the stage up with her star power and high energy. She further solidified her place in the music industry by debuting as a headliner at Madison Square Garden.

    Madison Square Garden Megan Thee Stallion headline event

    This concert has only solidified Megan Thee Stallion as the fastest-selling female rapper in Madison Square Garden and, for that matter, anywhere. It’s honestly a great testament to how far she has come and the fact that she’s taken over the music world by storm.

    As her “Hot Girl Summer” tour continues to steam through every corner of the country, fans hold their breath for what more Megan really has in store for them: an additional night filled with more high-energy music and just another step toward making history at Madison Square Garden. For this will be just the beginning of what will go down in history with regard to the exciting journey that is Megan Thee Stallion and her fans.

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