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    Meg Thee Stallion, Boyfriend’s Troublesome Relationship

    Love in Hollywood seems like a fairytale. Even some celebrities go through the ‘honeymoon’ phrase. Though, Megan Thee Stallion’s relationship with rumored boyfriend Pardison Fontaine seems to have ended before it even began. The two have dated only for a short period of time and already there’s trouble in paradise. Recently, a video surfaced of Pardison Fontaine and Megan Thee Stallion having a verbal altercation. Fontaine’s violent actions, however, left fans with mixed feelings. Has Megan Thee Stallion found herself in another troublesome relationship?

    It All Started In The DMs

    troublesome relationship
    via International Business Times, Singapore

    Megan Thee Stallion has sparked dating rumors with several emcees in the industry. She’s rumored to have dated G-Eazy, Moneybagg Yo, Trey Songz , and even Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Indyamarie. She even supposedly dated Tory Lanez, given their troublesome relationship. The rapper shutdown all of the dating rumors, except one. She confirmed her relationship with rapper Moneybagg Yo back in 2019. According to the “Hot Girl” rapper, he’s the only person she’s dated since becoming famous. Though, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating at her latest relationship with rapper Pardi Fontaine.

    Rumors of their relationship started popping up after fans took note of their flirty comments on Instagram. After Fontaine posted a shirtless photo of himself, Megan immediately commented, “Body Ody.” Apparently, the “Cry Baby” star liked what she saw. Taking her comment as an advance, Fontaine responded back with a sort of pickup line, “You look like how Lamborghini’s drive.” Not exactly the best he could’ve said but we get the picture.

    The dating rumors continued when Megan tweeted about how loved she felt by everybody, including her boyfriend. “My boo love me (he mad at me rn but he still love me),” the star tweeted on Twitter. She didn’t give the identity of her “boo” but fans believe she referred to Fontaine. Megan and Fontaine clearly want to keep their relationship low-key. We only hoped the “Body” star didn’t stumble into another troublesome relationship.

    Trouble In Paradise For The New Couple

    Everyday people think celebrities don’t experience insecurities and problems. Little do they know that famous people go through hardships, too. They even weather through relationship troubles. Rapper Megan Thee Stallion certainly became a victim of domestic violence. As we all remember, the female rapper’s altercation with Tory Lanez turned violent after he shot her in the foot. Now it seems Megan Thee Stallion found herself in yet another troublesome relationship with rapper Pardi Fontaine.

    The female rapper started trending on Twitter after a video surfaced of the star and Fontaine having a verbal altercation. In the clip, an unidentified man holds up a camera as Fontaine bangs on Megan’s bathroom door. He threatens to knock down the door, before barging in. Several women in the bathroom protest at the rapper’s intrusion. Though he ignores them and demands that “everybody get out!” Seems a bit aggressive on Fontaine’s part. Though, we don’t know the full story yet. Hopefully there’s not trouble in paradise already.

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