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    Megan Good Moves On From Pastor Devon Franklin

    With summer on the way, people are quick to start new relationships and end old ones. “Harlem” actress Megan Good has moved on quickly from her ex-husband, Pastor Devon Franklin. The seemingly happy couple filed for divorce back in December 2021, ringing in the new year single. While the split made things difficult, Megan Good seems fine with the divorce. In fact, fans speculate that she’s moved on to new beau, the battle rapper, Dizaster. Could the sparks be flying between these two?

    Fans Think Megan Good & Dizaster Have Started Dating

    Pastor Devon Franklin, Megan Good
    Devon Franklin, Megan Good via LOVEBSCOTT

    After 11 years of marriage, starting over can be hard for some divorcees. Despite spending years of being married to Pastor Devon Franklin, Megan Good has settled into the single-life just fine. In fact, she’s meeting new people, including a potentially new love interest.

    Recently, fans speculated that she’s dating battle rapper Dizaster after the emcee posted a photo of them together on Instagram. Furthermore, the rapper wrote in the captions, “Are you mad?” The message doesn’t provide any real context but it seems directed at someone in particular. Maybe even Good’s ex-husband? Before the photo, Good and Disaster started off as workout partners. Although, their relationship quickly turned from platonic to romantic.

    Twitter Goes Crazy

    Pastor Devon Franklin
    Devon Franklin (left), Megan Good, Dizaster (right) via BlackSportsOnline

    Hollywood has always recognized Megan Good as the actress with “the girl next door” looks. Admittedly, she’s one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment business. It came as a shock to many that the Harlem actress married Pastor Devon Franklin. Though, her possible relationship with battle rapper Dizaster has Twitter shook.

    While some fans think Good will be good for him and his career, others disagree. In particular, men on social media have outright said that “she’s too pretty for him.” In all honesty, they’re just mad that they didn’t get her number.

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