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    Megan Fox’s New Movie Solidifies Her Acting Credibility

    Millions of fans praise celebrities for their work and artistry. On the downside, stars also find themselves at the center of controversy and scrutiny. In a worse case scenario, they can even become the most hated person in America.

    Actress Megan Fox had her fair share of hardships to face in her acting career. The former Transformers actress had been regarded as a sex symbol throughout much of her acting career. Making matters worse, her status quickly tarnished her credibility and respectability in the acting world. Ultimately, Hollywood’s dark underbelly scared off Fox and drove her to leave the spotlight for years.

    Fortunately, the actress returned to the screen, stronger and better than ever. Megan Fox’s new movie will make viewers see the star as more confident in herself and her craft.

                The Movie That Changed The Actress’s Luck

    Megan Fox's new movie
    via Screen Realm

    Weathering through hard times can either break or make a person. At first, Megan Fox crippled under the pressures of Hollywood. The 34-year-old faced ridicule and harsh scrutiny as a young actress. Unfortunately, filmmakers mistreated the actress and film critics relentlessly told her she couldn’t act. The cherry on the cake came with the Michael Bay interview that basically destroyed Megan Fox’s career. Furthermore, the dark time left the actress paralyzed by fear for most of her acting career. It even caused the actress to stop acting for a while.

    Luckily, the Jennifer’s Body star came out on the other side golden. It wasn’t until her action-flick film Rogue, that Fox rediscovered herself. The film has Fox playing the led role as a mercenary in South Africa who’s tasked with a rescue mission. Though, the mission turns sour when she and team are left stranded in the middle of nowhere. Making matters worse, they have to fend off a hungry lioness. Obviously, fans aren’t accustomed to watching Fox play a powerful female lead. The film shed a more confident and respectable light on the actress. Since shooting the feature-length film, Megan Fox has morphed into a whole new actress. Of course, Megan Fox’s new movie shows off her newfound confidence.

                                Megan Fox’s New Movie

    Megan Fox's new movie
    via Entertainment Tonight

    Megan Fox may have had a rough introduction into the life of fame. Fortunately, her luck in the acting world has turned around full circle. The Rogue star has taken bigger and better roles, projects that pack tons of value. According to Deadline, Fox takes the lead role in her new thriller film “Till Death” that’s set to come out this summer. The film project details Fox, starring as Emma, who’s left handcuffed to her dead husband as revenge plot. Additionally, the actress must defend herself against two hired killers who plan to finish what they started. Given the photos from the film, seems like a movie will be worth watching. Megan Fox’s new film might be the big push the star needs to reset her career.

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