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    The Sound, The Look, The Vision: Chris Scholar Has it All

    Richmond native Chris Scholar is the definition of a modern day creative – he refuses to be confined to one box. Scholar sings, raps, dances, writes, and directs, fusing R&B, soul, pop, jazz and Hip Hop, with smooth dance moves and trippy, unconventional imagery. As he continues to build a name for himself as an artist, his self-directed visuals have led to opportunities with big names such as Nico & Vinz, BJ the Chicago Kid and French Montana, to name a few.

    The Sound, The Look, The Vibe, The Vision (2)

    HYPEFRESH was able to speak with the emerging artist and director about his start, his upcoming album Director’s Cut, and everything in between.

    Q: You hail from Virginia, the home of R&B and soul big names like D’Angelo, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown. How has your hometown influenced your artistry?

    A: I’m from Richmond, Virginia, which is in the South, but it also has a Northern influence because it’s right where the South begins. I feel like I have a mixed style that resonates with more than just one group of people; I guess with the Southern influences and Northern influences, and me moving to the West Coast. My sound is very diverse.

    Q: Speaking of the West Coast, one of your latest singles is called “Moved to LA” – what one moment or event made you feel it was time to pursue your music full time?

    A: When I was about 16, I did this video that Jermaine Dupri saw. When I woke up the next day, he had posted the video on his blog site, it had a whole bunch of views, and he gave me a big shout out. From then on I kept running into situations where tastemakers within the industry would reach out. I knew I was headed in the right direction because I was never stagnant, every couple months or so something would happen that says I’m getting closer, so I might as well keep going.

    Q: You sing, rap, dance, write, direct – have you ever felt like you had to choose one? What is your advice to others creatives that have multiple interests?

    A: I think all of my talents that I have and that I’m pursuing coexist. So I’m not necessarily taking too much away from the other, because they all compliment each other.

    But I would say sometimes one passion might be more demanding. Like, directing took over for a little bit and I had to focus on it more. It’s all in God’s hands, which way he’s going to take you, so you just have to go with the flow.

    The Sound, The Look, The Vibe, The Vision (3)

    Q: When did you get into visual art, and how has that interest led to work with the likes of BJ the Chicago Kid and French Montana?

    A: I did a few videos around Richmond, party videos, rap videos, that started catching a wave and then once I moved to L.A. I started getting bigger gigs and more people were respecting the artistry on the directing side.

    Q: Your upcoming EP is called Directors Cut, what can we expect from this album?

    A: Directors Cut is from my point of view, no labels, no third person trying to alter the vision. You can expect the real me, some stories that describe my growth, my move to L.A., and what I’ve been through in the music industry. There are some songs that really speak to the women, overall just a good cohesive project with, sonically, some new sounds.

    The Sound, The Look, The Vibe, The Vision (4)

    Q: Shifting gears a bit – describe your style in 3 words.

    A: Sporty. Chill. Fly. That’s the main look, but you know sometimes you have to switch it up.

    Q: Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled to perform or shoot a video?

    A: Memphis. I loved performing in Memphis. I shot a video and performed out there, and it was dope because that culture was a little bit different from mine. There’s a dance called juking. I really went out there to study that art form.

    Q: What’s next?

    A: What’s next for me is I’m about to put out this Directors Cut album, go crazy with it, do shows, and in the meantime I’m writing my first movie. Hopefully it all pops at the same time.

    Fore more Chris Scholar, visit here.

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