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    Meek Mill Disses Tekashi69’s Witness Protection Drip

    Meek Mill and Tekashi69 Won’t Be Making Music Together Anytime Soon!

    Meek Mill has voiced his displeasure for Tekashi69 multiple times since 69 started snitching. Well, Meek was at it again this week after Tekashi’s girlfriend posted a pic of the disgraced rapper in his Jail outfit.

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    In the picture, 6ix9ine is seen dressed in his prison best, standing next to his girlfriend, Jade. The shade room shared the photo shortly after, and that’s when Meek chimed in with his two cents.

    The Philly Native commented, ” That witness protection drip” under the picture prompting many people to respond with the crying emoji. Meek has spoken out against 6ix9ine via social media often in the last year.

    Just last September, the grammy-nominated rapper encouraged the youth not to follow in Tekashi’s footsteps of “Clout Chasing.” Pointing out the fact that 69 was on his way to a federal courthouse for playing gangsta.

    Besides both being from the Hood, Meek Mill and Tekashi69 have little in common.

    Meek has battled legal troubles for over a decade and has become an advocate for prison reform. Tekashi, on the other hand, turned federal witness after less than 24 hours in police custody.  Even more, Tekashi glorified a lifestyle that was never his own while Meek’s music was always more of a narration of a lifestyle that was a result of his environment.

    The fact that Tekashi69 used gangsta culture to earn fame, and then immediately denounced it once trouble came is the epitome of corny. Even more, 6ix9ine dominated the news for over a year with his off the wall antics and perpetuated a negative stereotype of urban culture. Cancel culture isn’t the best solution, but Tekashi69 should be canceled indefinitely.

    What do you guys think about Meek Mill’s view on Tekashi69? Should Meek leave Tekashi alone? Or Does 6ix9nine deserved all the scrutiny he gets at this point?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments?

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