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    McDonalds Employees Have To Rap To Saweetie’s “Best Friend”

    McDonalds has partnered with some of the biggest HipHop artists in the world. In the past, they’ve collaborated with artists such as J Balvin and K-Pop group BTS. Furthermore, Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Meal remains one of their biggest collaborations yet to date. The food chain reportedly made their employees don the Cactus Jack merchandise in promotion of the Travis Scott-inspired meal. Now McDonalds is making its employees go to extremes once again in promotion of the Saweetie Meal. This time, the workers have to rap the lyrics to Saweetie and Doja Cat’s “Best Friend” while taking customer orders.

                    McDonalds’ Weird Marketing Tactics

    via Philippine Star

    McDonalds enjoys making their employees part take in their unusual marketing tactics, especially during celebrity-sponsored partnerships. Recently, the huge fast-food chain collaborated with Saweetie to introduce fans to a meal entirely inspired by her. Furthermore, the meal itself features a Saweetie N’ Sour sauce and all her favorite items off the menu. Not to mention, McDonalds employees have to tap into their inner Saweetie when greeting customers.

                The Fast-Food Chain Makes Employees Rap To Saweetie’s “Best Friend”

    via QSR Magazine

    Moreover, the restaurant-chain has now made its workers rap the lyrics to her and Doja Cat’s hit record “Best Friend.” The news hit the web after a McDonald’s employee’s video went viral, showing her rapping the lyrics to the popular track. At the beginning of the TikTok clip, the worker wrote in the captions, “My job got me saying this ish [in] the speaker.” Afterwards, the worker proceeds to sing the first line of the song, “That’s my best friend.” Then she goes back to standard procedure where she asks the customer for their order and tries to interest them in purchasing a Saweetie Meal. The marketing tactic seems like a fun and interesting challenge for workers so far. Clearly, McDonalds is pulling out all the stops with their Saweetie collaboration.

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