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    Mbrown Returns To Showcase His Unique Sound In “Shoot Your Shot”

    These days, European artists are taking over the rap and hip hop scene. South East London artist Mbrown’s name has made the rounds in Europe’s music scene. Furthermore, the Nigerian-born artist grew up in a very musical household. He grew up in a family of gifted musicians, performers, producers, and vocal coaches who motivated him to showcase his talent within the local community. At a young age, Mbrown idolized huge hip hop artists from the 90s into the early 2000s such as Donell Jones and Usher. He draws influence from other stars like Chris Brown, Drake and D’Angelo. Taking notes from all his influencers, the East Londoner often experiments with different styles of music and genres, which has led him to create Afro-soul.

    With so much talent for making music, it’s only right that his gift be recognized. His previous single “Island Love” amassed thousands of streams and views on GRM Daily’s YouTube channel.

    Additionally, the East Londoner dropped his newest offering “Shoot Your Shot.” The infectious song shows off Mbrown’s unique sound.

    Mbrown’s “Shoot Your Shot” Offers A Unique Combination Of Sounds

    When it comes to UK Afrobeats artist Mbrown, the guy loves mixing different sounds together to make something new. In the music game, an artist has to keep putting out new and innovative material every time to stay relevant. Mbrown has certainly kept his name in the ring, especially with his latest track “Shoot Your Shot.” Furthermore, the song finds the UK artist’s enduring bars and catchy hook, backed by a sonically experimental sound. The blending of different sounds and instruments makes the song come together in a way we wouldn’t expect. Moreover, the soulful flair of the instrumentals makes “Shoot Your Shot” another intriguing offering produced by Mbrown.

    He’s Planning Something Big

    Making music for a living takes determination and drive. It also means being versatile and evolving throughout our music career. Mbrown may well be on his way to achieving his signature sound, as he works through the experimental phase of his music. In trying to solidify his place in the hip hop scene, he’s made plans to release his next EP before the year’s end. No word yet on when the new record will drop but we can be sure to hear more innovative music from Mbrown soon. Be sure to catch on all the latest by the UK Afrobeats artist.




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