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    Max “Dryhope” Theodore Is Shifting Gears In 2023

    After a stellar year, celebrated lo-fi producer and artist Max Theodore (dryhope) chats with us about his latest music, rebranding, and what’s next.

    He has achieved impressive acclaim as a budding producer in the Lo-fi world, gaining tens of millions of streams after the success of his breakout single “Somewhere Else.” Theodore always wanted to communicate with others and express himself, but he wasn’t always the greatest with words; that is where the outlet for production turned into a full-fledged passion.

    HF: Thanks so much for taking the time with us! So you’ve recently started shifting away from your original stage name, “dryhope,” to your real name. So tell us a bit about that!

    MT: When I started my career, I chose the name dryhope because of the vivid emotions it awakes – the word “dry” feels worn and broken, and together with “hope,” it suggests anguish and melancholy. This perfectly describes the gloomy sound of my earlier Lofi music, as it relied on distorted sounds with many artifacts and errors. However, as I progress towards jazz and soul, my real name better represents my musical direction and transparency with my growing audience.

    HF: Why do so many people connect with this genre?

    MT: Lofi music is considered an “alternative” style for a good reason. It’s not only easy to listen to but also to produce since there are no lyrics. So yes, the pressing question is why so many people like it. The answer is the fact that these beats are predictable and calming. This contrasts the world many young people live in: an endless amount of work, deadlines, stress, and chaos. So I believe it’s soothing to listen to in the same way that many would turn to meditation apps or videos to find peace.

    HF: How do you draw inspiration musically?

    MT: I think music should honestly reflect your personality and character. I’ve always been soft-spoken and quiet, and creating atmospheres for people to listen to and find calmness, peace, and focus is super fulfilling.

    HF: What have been some of the biggest highs and lows for you so far?

    MT: I think after Covid I realised how special being at home is and how important friends and family are, so going on tour is sometimes super difficult. It’s a cognitive dissonance because a tour is something I’ve always dreamt of, but I have learnt to appreciate and see how meaningful those relationships are at home.

    HF: What would be your advice for artists starting out?

    MT: My advice would be to know what you want to do with your music. It’s something I’m working on at the moment & it’s really difficult to navigate it in this industry.

    HF: What can we expect from Max Theodore for the rest of 2022?

    MT: Hopefully, some really fun projects, musical visuals and alot of cool content!!

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