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    Matt Nye Brings Authenticity To His New Release “Yesterday’s”

    Matt Nye brings sentiment, genuineness, and exposure to his recent releases “Yesterday’s.”

    The latest single, “Yesterday’s” from Matt Nye, displays a perfect mix of hip-hop and Jazz, where lovely melodic, emotional vocals and a deliciously danceable arrangement, with a nice drive and strong tune, pull you out, nodding your head to the beat

    Which makes the song something that should suit those who want to have a nice groove or just need a strong theme for their playlist. It feels like a perfect single in one’s playlist to boost the day.

    As many of us do, “Yesterday’s” is about a person who feels stuck in life but about patience. Everything will work out if you give it your all; it will take its time.

    Stream “Yesterday’s” on Spotify

    Connect with Matt Nye: Instagram| YouTube| Spotify

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