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    Master P Wants To Own A HBCU To Promote Change

    In the new decade, plenty of Americans want to see real change. Even celebrities have tried to promote change in politics and race relations. In particular, several HipHop icons and emcees have spoken out about the injustices toward Black America. Rap mogul Master P has now voiced his opinions on the state of racism in America and even sought to make change possible. The emcee and businessman announced plans to own his first Historically Black College or University.

                         Master P’s Plan To Own A HBCU

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    Education plays a huge part in a person’s development. Afterall, knowledge is power. Master P certainly learned a lot during the NBA’s All-Star-Weekend where they dedicated their event to all Black Colleges. Though, the ceremony itself isn’t what encouraged the rapper to own an HBCU. Rather, the rapper made the shocking discovery that white abolitionists founded and owned several Black Colleges.

    The rap mogul announced his plans to own an HBCU on social media.”We can’t change the past, but we can change the future by investing in the next generation. They should sell or fund schools the same way other major universities are funded. #Godisgood Join the Movement! Master P aims to create real change in the black community.”

                     Rappers Who Made Change Possible

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    Celebrities have the biggest influence over people and can make change happen. Master P and others like Common, Lil Wayne and Megan Thee Stallion studied at colleges around the world. They’ve even used their stardom to give back to the black community. More importantly, they’ve spoken out against the injustices Black America faces. With Master P’s decision to own HBCU’s, hopefully other great leaders will follow suit.

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