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    Mary Trump Releasing A Book On Donald Trump

    Donald Trump's 'turncoat' niece to publish 'harrowing and ...

    On July 28, Mary Trump will be publishing a book called Too Much and Never Enough which will be about the current president Donald Trump. Considering the time of the release, it can be damaging to Trump’s election depending on what will be revealed about him.

    Who is Mary Trump Regarding Donald Trump?

    The media has heard about the different members of the Trump family, but Mary has not been in the spotlight at all until now.

    Mary Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump’s elder brother, Fred Trump Jr.

    It has been known that Mary doesn’t agree with the viewpoints and actions of her uncle Donald Trump.

    The night Trump got elected president Mary took to twitter to say the following “This is one of the most terrible nights I’ve experienced” and expressing her backing for Hillary Clinton, “an exceptional individual and dedicated public servant.”

    Based on her viewpoint on Trump, it can be determined that her book will reveal some unpleasant news that will reflect badly on his possible reelection.

    Mary herself says that the book will include “harrowing and salacious stories” about her uncle.

    What will be included in the book?

    Not many details have been given on the contents of the book, however, Mary did give us some clues on what it will be about.

    In an interview with the USA Today she said the following:

    “As someone who has witnessed numerous holiday meals and family interactions,” she vows to provide “honest” and intricate accounts encompassing aspects such as her uncle Donald’s prominence within the family, Ivana’s habit of re-gifting, her grandmother’s frequent health issues, and the distressing manner in which Donald, Fred Trump’s favored son, disregarded and mocked him as he succumbed to Alzheimer’s.”

    “She spent a significant part of her childhood in her grandparents’ grand house in Queens, the very place where Donald and his four siblings were raised. She recounts a distressing series of hardships, harmful relationships, and a heartbreaking mix of negligence and mistreatment.”

    Overall it is safe to say that Mary will not be holding back on how it was growing up next to Donald Trump, and from her description, it does not seem like it would be flattering for Trump’s reputation.

    Donald Trump has yet to say anything on Mary’s upcoming book, but with time we will know if it’s going to reflect badly for his election.

    What do you think of Mary’s upcoming book?

    Let us know in the comments.

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