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    Marvel’s What If…Series on Disney Plus

    Marvel’s What If…Series on Disney Plus

    Marvel’s What If… animated series on Disney Plus reimagines the Marvel Universe. By reimagining noteworthy events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the series creates a multiverse of infinite possibilities. As a result, the stories that Marvel has told before and that the viewer thinks they know is treated to a twist. Consequently, the twist changes the story and it’s events completely creating a fresh new take on old favorites.

    Further more, Marvel’s What If…? series sets to explore alternate timelines in the multiverse. Additonally, these differing timelines show what would happen if major moments from the MCU films occurred differently. Then, the fun twists this alternate universe provides gives us a look at how the multiverse unfolds. The series is a big tease to Marvel Phase 4 changes that could occur now that the multiverse is a thing and has been unleashed by the events of Loki.

    Marvel’s multiverse of Infinite Possibilities

    This series, created by A.C. Bradley, is based on the Marvel Comics series. It stars Jeffrey Wright as the Watcher and includes MCU actors returning in their roles.

    The What if…? series that was officially announced in April 2019 aired today, August 11. Furthermore, the series will air nine total episodes wrapping up some time around the first week of October. The animators used cel-shaded animation style, to reflect the films and actors within the Marvel Universe. Each episode will ask a question that changes the events of the Marvel Universe. Which is fun and provides viewers with an alternate reality of their favorite heroes and stories.

    What if Captain Carter was the first Avenger?

    first Avenger
    Marvel’s What if…? series airs on Disney Plus aired today in which the series asked, What if…Captain Carter was the First Avenger.

    Today was the first episode that asked the question, What if…Captain Carter Were the First Avenger? In the episode, Steve Rogers was chosen to be the first super soldier just like the film and comic canon. Although, the events are interrupted by a Hydra spy that almost kills Rogers if Peggy Carter did not intervene. At that time, Peggy Carter volunteers to be the super soldier. Thus, Peggy not Steve takes the serum instead. During which, all the Marvel events unfold as per usual. Instead, it changes to accomodate Peggy Carter and it alters the trajectory of the story.

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