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    Marvel’s Eternals Premise and Casting

    Marvel’s Eternals Premise and Casting

    Eternals Premise

    The comic was penned by Jack Kirby in 1976.

    Eternals is a group of the oldest superheroes living and residing here on Earth for over 7,000 years. These heroes have coexisted with people, learning to love the various generations that they passed by, never interfering. Of course, that is until a threat pulls them out of hiding. Now, the eternals must fight to protect the world from being wiped out of existence. Additionally, they also reference the Thanos snap in Avengers Endgame.

    Thanos is the Eternal of Titan. Marvel

    Apparently, the snap caused a destructive energy to be released that will cause an event labeled as “the emergence destroying the world in only seven days. Eternals hits theaters on November 5th.

    Who are the Eternals?

    Eternals film coming in November. Marvel


    First, there is Thena, played by Angelina Jolie, the leader of eternals. Furthermore, she may be know to others with a different name: Azura. As Azura, Thena is known to have relationships with the deviants which was not approved by the other Eternals. After forming an allegiance with the Olympic gods, she changed her name to Thena, revising her role in accordance.


    Then, Considered the greatest warrior, Ajak is loves to showcase his power. The deviants were unable to effect Ajak. In the film, Ajak will get a gender swap. Salma Hayek will be bringing this character to the big screen.


    And, While not an Earth Eternal, Thanos remains an Eternal of Titan. His events during Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, proved he is one of the single most powerful being in the universe. Thanos’ actions required all of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to defeat him including the Incredible Hulk. It is not likely, he will appear in the film. However his actions are the driving force of the movie.


    Next, famously a member of the Avengers, Sersi is a sorceress who left the Eternals to live among humans. Gemma Chan will take on the character of Sersi.  Even more, Sersi is almost immortal and indestructible and possesses super strength and durability. However, Sersi’s strongest power is telepathy. Using that power, she can control weaker minds, forcing them to do her bidding.


    On screen, Richard Madden will play Ikaris.  As most heroes, Ikaris best known for his strength. Furthermore, In order to prove how strong he was, Ikaris defeated Apocalypse. Thus, his philosophy is that they should be superheros that intervene.


    On the other hand, Phastos was ambivalent towards fighting Additionally, Phastos had a melancholy spirit as he lived with an enormous amount of sorrow. So, believed that life was meaningless. Brian Tyree Henry is set to play Phastos.


    Moving on, Druig’s powers consist of telepathy and matter transmutation. As so, Druig is a great manipulator with the ability to alter matter. Armed with a powerful flame that can hurt Eternals, he demands respect and carefulness. Barry Keoghan is playing this master manipulator.


    Finally, Kingo Sunen was an Eternal that hailed from the Japanese mountains. But being cautious, Kingo was untrusting of Druig whom he believed was controlling others. Having knowledge of the samurai ways, Kingo fought against dangerous warlords. Kumail Nanjiani will take on this character on the big screen.

    Eternals Trailer

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