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    Marvel vs DC: A Rivalry That’s More Fiction Than Fact, Says James Gunn

    The Riverly Between Marvel and DC

    The longstanding Marvel vs DC rivalry comic book franchises has been a popular topic for years. Under Kevin Feige’s leadership, Marvel, which is owned by Disney, has been believed to have a significant edge over DC under Warner Bros. However, recent developments suggest that the tides may be turning in the ongoing Marvel vs DC battle.

    Since “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” writer-director James Gunn has been preparing to decamp from the MCU. His exit could mean a big move over to DC. He could bring a fresh perspective to the studio and help to reinvigorate its films. He could also be essential to a larger plan to revive the ailing theatrical industry.

    The move is not without risk, and it’s uncertain what the long-term effects of a departure from a lucrative franchise will be. Especially for a director who has crafted characters audiences love and built up a legion of fans on social media. But, if it works, Gunn and Safran could deliver a jolt to DC’s film and TV franchises. They’ll have the challenge of reviving or rethinking some of the most significant properties in the company’s arsenal, from Superman and Batman to the edgier villains of the DCEU like Black Adam and the Suicide Squad.

    Gunn has the experience and a track record of success to take on this challenge. He’s shown a knack for creating compelling ragtag teams of antiheroes, and he can bring an eye for balancing cosmic action with human drama to the mix. He has the skills to compete with the crowd-pleasing fare that Marvel is known for, and he could add some much-needed variety to Hollywood’s formulaic superhero output.

    He can also use his connections to lure other MCU alumni to the DCU, including stars such as Chris Pratt, who plays Star-Lord in the Guardians movies, and Brie Larson, who headlines The Flash for the DCEU.

    Ultimately, it will be up to Gunn and his team to prove that DC can be just as successful as Marvel. The two companies have different audiences and business models but have the same goal: to draw in audiences through captivating and innovative storytelling. If they can do that, both studios will be better off, and the audience will benefit.

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