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    Marvel Kicks T.I To The Curve

    Scoring a role in a Marvel movie makes for one terrific pay day. Plenty of unlikely entertainers have starred alongside the superheroes of the MCU. Rappers have even integrated themselves into the huge franchise through music. The only emcee to have actually set foot on a Marvel filmset has been Houston rapper T.I.

    The rapper now-turned-actor has starred in a slew of action films, including Marvel’s Ant-Man franchise. Unfortunately, recent sex allegations have ended his contract with Marvel. The MCU kicked T.I to the curve.

                             T.I Faces Sex Allegations

    to the curve
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    Hollywood has a very cut-throat atmosphere. An unknow artist rises to fame one day and the next, they’re kicked to the curve. Moreover, a celebrity’s past bad deeds can terminate a very lucrative business deal. Unfortunately, T.I and his wife Tiny face several allegations of sexual abuse. Back in January, several women accused the couple of sex trafficking, harassment, kidnapping and forced ingestion of illegal narcotics.

    Attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn now represents 11 female victims. The attorney asked prosecutors in both Georgia and California to investigate the case further. Additionally, Blackburn revealed that the allegations “involved the couple themselves and those apart of their inner circle.” Even more disturbing, these allegations span a total of 15 years.

    Of course, T.I and Tiny denied these allegations. Their attorney Steve Sadow called the accusations “baseless and unsubstantiated.” Though, his statements turned contradictory when Blackburn revealed that Sadow attempted to work out a deal. Blackburn kicked the sketchy lawyer to the curve by answering, “My clients want justice.” T.I and Tiny just dug themselves an even bigger hole.

                           Marvel Kicks T.I To The Curve

    to the curve
    via IGN

    If there’s one thing Disney doesn’t like, it’s controversary. In the midst of T.I’s sex allegations, Marvel kicked the rapper to the curve. The actor appeared in the first two installments of Marvel’s Ant-Man. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he won’t be reprising his role as the character Dave in the third installment of Ant-Man. T.I messed up big time with Disney and Marvel.

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