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    Marlon Wayans: ‘Why Hasn’t Jay-Z Invited Me to Roc Nation Brunch?’


    In a recent interview, the young Wayans brother posed a question we all want to know the answer to. Marlon Wayans is wondering why hasn’t Jay Z invited him to Roc Nation brunch?

    What’s the deal?

    Jay-Z and Beyonce hosted their annual roc nation brunch this weekend, accompanied by DJ Khaled and other industry figures. The event was held at a private home in Bel Air, California.

    Among the attendees were rappers Lil’ Kim and Lil Uzi Vert, rapper Tyler the Creator and others. However, the big buzz at this year’s brunch was about Jay-Z’s new relationship with rapper Meek Mill.

    The rapper has teamed up with Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation, on a new effort to promote social justice. The initiative, titled “Inspire Change,” centers around education and economic progress, fostering improved police and community relations, and advocating for meaningful reform within the criminal justice system.

    It’s part of Wayans’ overall deal with HBO Max, which also includes a multi-act special and a stand-up special. He’s also working on a scripted pilot, Book of Marlon.

    Tupac’s prank on Omar Epps

    During a recent episode of The Daily Show, guest host Marlon Wayans told a story about his longtime friend Omar Epps that made the audience laugh out loud. The story involved a prank that Tupac Shakur played on Epps while the two were filming the 1992 movie Juice together.

    Wayans explained that Tupac had a knack for pranking his co-stars, including one time when he tea-bagged Epps while he was sleeping. The best part was that the prank actually made Epps a little bit mad, but he found it hilarious now.

    ‘Pac’s prank on Jay Z

    One of ‘Pac’s most infamous pranks was pulling on Omar Epps while shooting the 1992 movie, “I’m Not a Drug Dealer.” When Epps was sleeping, ‘Pac would pull his balls from a ring and place them next to his face. When Epps woke up, his teeth were knocked out of place. This prank was a hilarious moment and Omar never forgot it.

    In a recent interview with All the Smoke, DJ Quik said that ‘Pac also pulled pranks on Jay Z while recording his hit, “We Don’t Need Another Hero.” The two rappers were supposedly rapping to each other in the studio, when Quik noticed a misunderstanding and called out ‘Pac to stop making fun of them. The two rappers were then able to finish the song without any issues.

    ‘Pac’s prank on Big Boy

    During Marlon Wayans’ latest guest host stint on The Daily Show, he put his longtime friend Omar Epps on the spot when they were talking about the Juice movie and he revealed a prank that ‘Pac pulled on him during the filming. The prank was actually a pretty clever one and it included him putting his balls in the mouth of Omar’s son, Big Boy.

    The prank made headlines and it was a pretty impressive one as well. It also did the most important thing in this case, which was to make Big Boy laugh, which is a big deal for any parent. The prank even went viral. Check it out in the video above! If you like it, be sure to subscribe! It’s definitely the best prank I’ve ever seen.

    ‘Pac’s prank on Marlon Wayans

    Marlon Wayans and his best friend Omar Epps share a long history as friends, and they’ve shared many memorable moments together. They’ve even started a show together. But there’s one prank they’d rather not talk about.

    In a recent episode of “The Daily Show,” guest host Marlon Wayans asked Omar Epps to recall an embarrassing prank he once endured while they were filming the 1992 movie Juice. When Epps woke up to find Tupac’s testicles sticking out of his mouth, he was instantly mad. But he now finds it hilarious and tells Wayans that if they were sleeping in today’s world, it would have gone viral. Check out the clip below!

    ‘Pac had an extensive list of jokes that would make anyone laugh. But he was also known for being a bit of a prankster.

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