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    Marlon Wayans Describes His First Encounter with Eddie Murphy

    Marlon Wayans dishes the details about when he first met Eddie Murphy.

    The comedian says he was nine-years-old when Murphy visited him in the projects.

    “I remember he came to my projects. He let me and my brother Shawn talk about his cow skin pants (which by the way cost more than everything in our entire apartment… including us). He sat there laughing and joking as my nephew @craigwayans kept punching on him,” he shared on Instagram.

    Eventually, Murphy had to leave, because some other people found out he was in the neighborhood. But before he left, he made sure to leave behind something special.

    “He gave us all autographs and write to Craig “when you get older I’m gonna punch you in the face”. Someone caught wind that Eddie Murphy was in our apartment Everyone in the projects was lined up outside our door. We walked Eddie to the car and I was waving to everybody saying “no autographs”. That was the first day I ever felt famous. Love Eddie Murphy forever always a big brother, a friend and a The GOAT,” Wayans wrote.

    Which celebrity would you like to meet? And, is Eddie Murphy really the GOAT?

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