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    Marilyn Monroe’s Final Residence Granted Temporary Reprieve

    Good News for Marilyn Monroe’s Home: It’s Not Going Away!

    Marilyn Monroe‘s special house is not going to be knocked down! The people who make important decisions in Los Angeles, called the City Council, all said “yes” to keeping her house safe.
    Marilyn Monroe was a very famous movie star a long, long time ago. She had a house in Brentwood, and it’s super important because she lived there a very long time ago, in the 1960s. This house is special because she picked it herself, and it has all her own cool stuff inside.
    A group called “Glory of the Snow Trust” wanted to take her house down, but a very smart person named Traci Park said, “No way!”

    Now, nobody can start breaking the house, and Glory of the Snow Trust might have to change their minds about taking it down.
    But guess what? There’s more to do! Some very smart people from the Office of Historic Resources and the Historic Cultural Commission will check the house even more. They want to know all about it and why it’s so special. They have 75 days to do this.
    Some people asked why we should save this house when there are other essential things to do in the city. But most people said it’s super important to keep special places like Marilyn Monroe‘s house. It’s a way to remember how amazing she was and to show that we care about women who did important things.
    So, even though the fight to save Marilyn Monroe’s house is not over, it’s a big win for now! Her house will stay standing, and we can all remember her and the cool things she did in the movies. Yay for Marilyn Monroe’s house!

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