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    Marah Release Magicial Debut Single “Abracadabra”

    Meet the new West Virginia recording artist about to change the game, Marah. Today, the Samoan songbird makes her debut with the release of her first song, intriguingly-titled, “Abracadabra.”

    Produced by Anthony “AJ” Brown, Marah’s debut is a magic song addressing toxic relationships. Hypnotizing, magnetic, attractive, the formal introduction spotlight’s Marah music mission to create art that inspires people to find value in their lives while taking the time to appreciate every phase they encounter. “Abracadabra” originally comes from the magical bond Marah received from the first listen.

    “I wrote this song after receiving the track from my manager, Barry “MAGNUM” Darden,” she remembers. “When I first heard it, I immediately could tell it was different from any other record I’ve worked on before and I really couldn’t see myself cutting it. However, I kept replaying the instrumental until I was able to see a vision for it. I put this song to a conceptual image. It became a cat and mouse situation filtered by the idea of a magician putting on a show. Basically, it’s centered around being emotionally toyed with in a relationship. Being aware of what is happening, but choosing not to leave. It’s almost as if this person is trying to figure out the reason behind their partner’s toxic mindset. I filled these lyrics with metaphors and symbolism, that will later connect to other songs. This was loosely based on feelings that I have experienced, as well as my friends and family.”

    “Abracadabra” prepares the artist’s newfound fanbase for the promising debut album, scheduled for 2021. “Abracadabra” is available everywhere via MAGNUM Music LLC. You heard it here first.

    Hear the debut single below and follow the new sensation on social media.



    Samoan in descent, Marah Francis, also known as Marah, is a rising singer/songwriter from West Virginia. Born and raised in Martinsburg, she graduated from Martinsburg High School and is the daughter of a pastor. Citing her father as the person who sparked her love for music, it was the release of Taylor Swift’s self-titled album that solidified her decision to seriously pursue a recording career. Since then, she’s continued to grow in her craft and take inspiration from current staple Pop figures like Halsey and BTS.

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