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    Mandi Kitchen’s “Chrysalis” presents a captivating collaboration with GZN

    Mandi Kitchen, songwriter and sync composer, released her latest work of art, a single titled “Chrysalis.” This captivating masterpiece promises to be a groundbreaking experience for music lovers worldwide, featuring an electrifying collaboration with the sensational artist GZN.

    With a degree from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Mandi Kitchen has established a remarkable career in the industry, lending her enchanting compositions to feature films, trailers, commercials, and documentaries. Her musical genius has even caught the attention of distinguished filmmaker T.C. Christensen, leading to a remarkable collaboration on a feature film.

    “Chrysalis” is a testimony to Mandi’s artistic evolution, drawing inspiration from her diverse repertoire, which includes arrangement covers adored by a global audience. This single represents a mesmerizing cocoon of creativity, ready to burst forth, showcasing Mandi’s innate ability to weave emotions into melodies that tug at listeners’ heartstrings.

    Joining Mandi in the spotlight is the extraordinary GZN, whose distinct musicality adds a layer of intrigue to “Chrysalis.” GZN’s magnetic stage presence and seamless fusion of genres have earned him a devoted fanbase, making this collaboration an eagerly awaited sonic rendezvous.

    Mandi Kitchen’s creative footprint extends far beyond individual projects. Her lyrical prowess has graced the works of pop and indie icons, earning her a seat at the table of renowned music publishers like Warner Music, Ultra Music Publishing, ARTISJUS PRO, and SongMill by Q Factory. “Chrysalis” signifies Mandi’s boundless artistry and showcases her innate ability to breathe life into every musical note.

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