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    Madonna Kisses Songwriter Jozzy: Passionate Embrace Caught on Camera

    Madonna has slammed critics who questioned her appearance at the Grammys, posting a video of herself passionately kissing songwriter Jozzy. The Memphis-born talent is a huge name in the songwriting world having worked with Timbaland and Missy Elliott, as well as Fergie and Lil Wayne.

    She was at the Grammys to celebrate her two nominations in the Album of the Year category for her part on the songwriting teams for Beyonce ’s Renaissance and Mary J. Blige ’s Good Morning Gorgeous.

    Madonna Shares Video Montage of Her Backstage Pranks at the Grammys

    Madonna, 64, recently shared a video montage of her backstage pranks at the Grammy Awards. The clips included shots of the star French kissing rapper and songwriter Jozzy during the wild night, creating a buzz on social media.

    She was clearly enjoying herself at the glitzy ceremony with artists like Sam Smith and Cardi B, and it seems that the singer had an incredible time. She also posed with DJ Honey Dijon, and even shared a kiss with artist Dopey!

    But, the singer’s effervescent personality can also lead to a lot of criticism from people. Her controversial behavior has made her a target of several trolls online.

    While some of these comments have centered on her appearance at the award show, others focus on her brazen and bold attitude. The singer has hit back at these trolls with a defiant message. She explains that these remarks are rooted in misogyny and ageism’ and she slammed the critics for not focusing on her message rather than her looks.

    The music legend also went on to praise ‘the rebels out there’ who are bravely forging their way through the world. She added that she was honored to introduce Kim Petras, who is the first openly trans woman to win a Grammy, and Sam Smith, who was the first non-binary artist to win in the Best Pop Duo/Group Collaboration category.

    However, despite the many controversies that the singer has faced throughout her career, she continues to thrive and has been making waves in the music industry with her bold and eccentric style. She is currently one of the most successful musicians in the world and has sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

    She has received numerous awards for her work including the Grammys and a Golden Globe, among many others. She has also made history in the music industry as a pioneer for female rappers and has created numerous hits including the songs “Gimme That Gucci,” “Chandelier,” and “Loving You” with Beyonce.

    She is also a big supporter of women and has been supporting them for years. Her songs have influenced thousands of people around the world and her activism has helped to change the way society views women.

    Jozzy Defends Her Appearance at the Grammys

    There was plenty to see at the Grammys this year. From Beyonce and Harry Styles to Lizzo and Brandi Carlile, there was something for everyone. But the night also starred several curveballs in the general categories.

    From a star-studded tribute to Loretta Lynn, Quavo and Takeoff, and Christine McVie (who died last week), there were many touching moments throughout the night. Kacey Musgraves sang “Coal Miner’s Daughter” to pay homage to Lynn, and Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, and Mick Fleetwood all delivered “Songbird” to honor McVie.

    But what really wowed the crowd was a few snazzy performances from younger artists. DOMi, JD Beck, Latto, Muni Long, and Wet Leg all earned nominations for Best New Artist this year.

    While the best new artist award may not have been as impressive as the others, it is nice to see the Academy give young musicians a chance to shine. It was also pretty cool to see a few of the genre-defying nominees perform on the big stage.

    Jozzy and Madonna’s Kiss

    The Grammy Awards have come and gone, and while many people are left disappointed that their favorite artists didn’t win any of the major awards, the ceremony was made even more memorable by Madonna’s controversial appearance. The 64-year-old singer was spotted backstage fooling around with Sam Smith and Cardi B, but also making crude gestures and flashing her lacey bra.

    The Queen of Pop also shared an explicit video of herself passionately kissing R&B artist Jozzy backstage at the Grammys. Her 18.7 million followers were able to see the tongue action as they exchanged passionate looks.

    It’s not the first time that Madonna has kissed a songwriter or rapper. She has previously smooched Christina Aguilera during a performance in 2003 and Britney Spears at her wedding.

    A video of the two stars kissing went viral and was a source of controversy at the time as the pair used religious imagery including a crucifix and Crown of Thorns in their performance. It became a popular sexy moment for many people, but it also received a lot of backlash as conservative and Christian groups called for boycotts.

    In the same year, Madonna released her coffee-table photography book Sex, which was filled with sexual images of sadomasochism. It was met with backlash and condemnation from many Christians, including the Vatican, which urged Catholics to boycott the book as it contained “morally intolerable” content.

    She continued to push the envelope in the 1990s with her edgy music, controversial movies, and controversial books. She was even forced to drop her lucrative Pepsi contract after the release of her controversial video for “Candy Shop” featuring the stigmata and sex with burning crosses.

    Not the first interesting photo of Madonna

    Despite the backlash, Madonna still holds the record for most Grammy wins with nine. She also holds the title for most number-one albums with seven.

    With a remarkable debut at the pinnacle of the Billboard 200, her latest album titled “This Is What the Truth Feels Like” achieved yet another record-breaking feat, amassing over 40 million copies sold. She was also the recipient of the highest-grossing single by a female artist in history when her song “Cadillac” reached number one in 2014.

    After the Grammy Awards, Madonna posted an extensive caption on Instagram that addressed the criticism that she received for introducing transgender artist Kim Petras and Sam Smith. She said that she wanted to highlight their pioneering status and that her appearance was more than a “honor.” However, some social media users disregarded her words and focused on her appearance.

    Jozzy’s Video Montage of Her Backstage Pranks at the Grammys

    Madonna did a brisk business at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, racking up an impressive array of awards and winning the coveted top prize for Album of the Year. However, she didn’t let the accolades go to her head and was seen having a blast at the show, particularly when she got the chance to share a video montage of her backstage pranks.

    In the video, the queen of pop was accompanied by Memphis native Jozzy, a GRAMMY-nominated producer who has worked on a number of high profile projects for the likes of Timbaland and Missy Elliott, including the record-breaking Old Town Road. She also was the star of a funky little song titled the best rapper in the world, a nod to her Memphis roots and her collaborations with Fergie.

    Yet another sexy celebrity kiss

    Despite the fact that she was in the limelight all night, the queen of pop was never in the clear. She received some scathing social media posts, most of them pointing to her unnatural style and a few that suggested she had a bit of a sexual escapade at the award ceremony.

    Besides the fancy smoky coloured glasses and sexy swag, the Grammys were also home to a few unexpected pairings that wowed. One of the most memorable was a hip hop tribute that had a slew of legends in the know nodding their heads in awe, especially when they heard it was being done by the likes of Black Thought of the Roots, Spliff Star, Run-DMC and Flavor Flav.

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