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    Macklemore and Residente expose the truth about Gaza in a powerful statement

    In the heart of Seattle, Washington, before a crowd of 18,000, Macklemore, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, voiced his support for a “Free Palestine,” much to the delight of the young audience.

    Macklemore’s Rallying Cry for Free Palestine

    The artist, born Benjamin Haggerty in 1983, seized the opportunity at the end of a global tour to recite a four-minute poem about the Israeli conflict in Gaza.

    He clarified his stance on “Free Palestine,” stating it’s not against anyone but rather a call for universal protection, equality, respect, peace, and love. It’s a plea for the right to exist, irrespective of one’s background.

    Macklemore’s Personal Stand and Love for His Jewish Brethren

    Macklemore lamented the tragic reality of innocent lives in Gaza being lost, funded by our dollars. He expressed his inability to perform and pretend when his conscience was urging him to take a stand.

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    The artist professed his love for his “Jewish brothers and sisters,” asserting that his viewpoint on “Free Palestine” is grounded in their safety as well. He emphasized that there isn’t a trace of antisemitic thought in him and that “Never again” should apply to all.

    Genocide: A Contentious Term

    Mac noted that the term “genocide” is a contentious issue for some, who find the word more distressing than the sight of deceased infants being retrieved from the rubble.

    He concluded his speech, read from a paper, by urging everyone to empathize with the pain of others and not distance themselves from it. He vowed to champion the cause of a Free Palestine, underlining that the message is love.

    On November 4, Macklemore spoke at a large rally in Washington D.C., protesting against the mass killings in Israel. He humbly admitted that there were many more people at the event better equipped to discuss the issue of a free Palestine.

    Despite attempts to silence him, he insisted on speaking up, revealing that he had done some research and was open to learning. He confessed his limited knowledge but was certain that what was happening was genocide.

    Macklemore’s Call for Ceasefire and Humanitarian Aid in Gaza

    In an earlier statement in October, Macklemore called for a ceasefire and for humanitarian aid to be allowed into Gaza.

    He debunked the misconception that criticizing the Israeli government equates to antisemitism, affirming his love for his Jewish brethren while condemning the Israeli government’s mass killings and apartheid.

    Residente’s Album Postponement Due to the Crisis in Gaza

    In related news, Residente, a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, songwriter, and filmmaker, recently announced on social media his decision to postpone the release of his new album due to the ongoing mass killings in the Gaza Strip.

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    In a video on Instagram, he expressed his inability to release his album and several videos amidst the horrifying genocide slowly decimating Palestine.

    Residente, born René Pérez Joglar in 1978 in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, is a Grammy-winning artist with over 30 awards to his name, the most by any Latin artist.

    In his video, he questioned the point at which we became so desensitized that we could witness the horrific deaths of children without reacting. He urged for everything to stop, just like during the pandemic, and for focus to shift to the crisis in Gaza.

    A Call to Social Media Users to Educate Themselves About Palestine

    The artist chastised those engrossed in the superficiality of social media, posting about their outfits, meals, or wild party nights.

    He urged them to pause, educate themselves about Palestine, and voice their opposition to the genocide that Israel, backed by the United States, is perpetrating against the Palestinian civilians.

    The Puerto Rican performer emphasized that one doesn’t need to be a historian to empathize with the victims of the massacre in Palestine.

    It’s a simple matter of empathy, of putting oneself in others’ shoes, of realizing that the child who was just killed could have been your sibling or your child, or the woman buried under the rubble could have been your mother.

    In a recent Instagram post, Residente criticized President Joe Biden, stating, “You will forever be remembered as the president who supported the genocide in Gaza. You’re a war criminal!”

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