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    Machine Gun Kelly Booed Off Stage At Louder Than Life Festival

    A performance by Machine Gun Kelly at the Louder Than Life festival in Kentucky was held on Sept. 25. The rapper was constantly booed by the general public. In fact, the concert turned into a whole controversy. The rapper turned pop-punk punched an audience member in the face after he breached the barricades while security worked on restraining the rapper.

    Additionally, the songwriter’s latest remarks about Slipknot’s lead vocalist Corey Taylor brought him some heat. MGK said publicly that the rocker’s verse was “really bad on an unreleased song. This explains the reason for the backlash and booing at the festival.

    After the show, the “Papercuts” artist said on Twitter that he was never booed off the stage, claiming that it absolutely was a pair of fans who didn’t like his performance. While others were having a blast.

    “I don’t understand why the media always fabricates stories against me. All I witnessed were 20,000 incredible fans at the festival, singing along to every word, and just a few angry individuals.”

    The tweet is in response to a devotee that he identifies as a Slipknot fan but mentioned the narrative towards Machine Gun Kelly is totally exaggerated.

    During the set, MGK made use of his time with verbal altercations with the audience.

    The Eminem Diss

    It’s not the first for MGK to have an effect like this on stage. Back in 2018, he got booed off stage after the artist made comments directed at Eminem in a song called Rap Devil. Besides that, vocalist and guitarist from Trivium took the opportunity to take a hit at Machine Gun Kelly.

    Heafy later tweeted, “I’d like to publicly apologize for my tasteless comments about MGK. I just found out he’s been afflicted by the Ligma variant. It’s really getting real out there. Thoughts and prayers, homie.”


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