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    Mac Miller “Circles (Deluxe)” Drops With Two New Songs

    Mac Miller “Circles (Deluxe)” Is Out

    Mac Miller’s “Circles (Deluxe)” has dropped today (3/20/20). The deluxe version of the album is an addition to the original version of Circles, which was released in January of this year. Check out this past HypeFresh article that discussed Mac’s latest work.

    It is always great to hear of the release of new tracks by Mac after his unfortunate passing. It would seem Mac’s love and passion for music resulted in several unreleased songs. The album “Circles” was not completed at the time of the artist’s death but was still a quality LP.

    What’s New on “Circles (Deluxe)”

    The original release of Circles included 12 songs. This album was intended to be a complimentary album for Swimming. There is a clear connection in terms of themes discussed between both albums. Overall though, you can still seem some distinct differences between the records.

    Mac Miller’s “Circles (Deluxe)” includes two new songs titled “Right” and “Floating”. The songs are a continuation of the tone and vibe created by Circles. It is nice to see that they were able to fit in with the feeling of the album instead of just randomly being thrown on.

    The songs “Right” and “Floating” feature a mix of light and funky beats. I was a fan of both of these songs, so hopefully, the trend of unreleased music by Mac dropping continues. Legendary producer Madlib has played tracks created by Mac and him at concerts. There are talks of an album that was recorded between the two artists titled “Maclib”. Unfortunately, for now, there is no official plan or release date for when “Maclib” would drop.

    Final Thoughts

    Times are a bit odd right now as the result of Coronavirus. People are attempting to engage in social distancing. Music is always a great way to keep one’s self-entertained, so why not give Mac Miller’s “Circles (Deluxe)” a listen?

    What do you guys think though?

    Are you pumped to hear some new songs by Mac? Do you expect the release of any other Mac Miller content within the near future? And what are some possible collabs besides Madlib who you would want to hear with Mac Miller?

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