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    M.IA Wants Her New Album “MATA” To Come Out Now

    The music industry is bursting with tons of great talent. Of course, we’d think that their management team and record label would back them up all the way. However, as we’ve seen too often, many record labels don’t support their artists, especially female musicians. Several female emcees have been treated unfairly by their record labels. Everything from delayed release dates and a loss in sales has nearly hindered their success.

    Currently, 2016’s British breakout rap-star M.IA has weathered through issues with her recording labels. Recently, the rapper threatened to release two collab tracks off her new album MATA herself if her label doesn’t do it this month.

    M.I.A Threatens To Leak Her Own Music

    It’s an understatement to say that M.I.A feels a bit eager to release her new music. Afterall, it’s been years since she broke out onto the HipHop scene. Furthermore, the Hounslow-native has made a promising comeback, teasing a few new singles such as “The One” and “Popular.” Recently, the female rapper promised to release her newest record MATA this September. Though, she’s not risking any delays or setbacks from her record label Island Records.

    On Tuesday August 30th, the 47-year-old shared in one of her Instagram Stories that her new album will feature two collabs with Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat. Having to work with the biggest names in rap music comes as a major plus for M.I.A. Though, the “Paper Planes” rapper went through a lot to secure those collaborations.

    Furthermore, she waited 2 years for a verse from both rap stars before finally getting them on the record. “If MATA isn’t out in September, I will leak it myself,” she said. Obviously, M.I.A has waited long enough. It’s time for the world to hear her new music.

     Not Her First Time Making Threats About Leaking New Tracks

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    Understandably, M.I.A has every right at demanding her music drop on time. Moreover, the rapper has been burned in the past by her former record label Interscope. The British artist was involved in a nasty legal dispute with the company at the time. Unfortunately, the legal case led to issues with her release date for her 2016 AIM album. Hopefully, M.I.A’s partnership with Island Records doesn’t run amuck.

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