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    Lupe Fiasco Freestyles Over Doja Cat’s “Streets” Beat

    TikTok basically has taken on a life all its own. The social media app jumpstarted the careers of some of today’s biggest rap stars in the industry. Additionally, it even takes underrated songs and turns them into an instant hit. Doja Cat’s “Streets” received a musical makeover after the song blew up with the TikTok #Silhouette Challenge. Fans everywhere are loving the red-filter challenge. Even celebrities like Tiffany Haddish and Common made things steamy and hot with their Silhouette Challenge. The couple have some competition with rapper Lupe Fiasco’s freestyle over the “Streets” beat.

                Doja Cat’s “Streets” Becomes A Hit


    It doesn’t seem possible that a single app like TikTok can make someone famous. New stars get made over the app everyday of every hour. Though Doja Cat became a viral hit through YouTube, the star’s career blew up just the same. The Grammy nominee already snagged the number 1 spot with her “Say So” track. Now the quirky emcee will reclaim the top spot with her “Streets” song off her 2019 Hot Pink album. It’s all thanks to TikTok’s newest #Silhouette Challenge.

    According to sources, Paul Anka’s old timey song “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” plays on the first half the challenge. During this time, folks dress themselves in casual wear and act nonchalant. Two minutes Anka’s first verse, the beat immediately drops and changes to the distinct tempo of Doja Cat’s “Streets.” Fans drape themselves in a red filter, all giving suggestive poses in black silhouettes. The challenge has really upped Doja Cat’s game.

                Lupe Fiasco Freestyles

    Doja Cat and her track “Streets” have reached new heights of stardom. Though, the hype over the song grew bigger once rapper Lupe Fiasco took it for a spin. After a fan tweeted that they heard the emcee, as well as The Game and Fabolous over the song’s instrumentals, Fiasco decided to give a freestyle. The rapper decided to make the song his own by calling it “Kara Walker.” Fiasco’s freestyle is basically a shout to the painter and silhouettist Kara Walker who explores racial identity, sexuality, and violence in her work. She’s notoriously recognized for her huge montages of black, cut-paper silhouettes. Honestly, Doja Cat and Lupe Fiasco should just do a remix on the track. Even can even have Kara Walker act as a feature in the music video, with just her artwork in the background scenes.

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