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    Luna Elle Shines Bright Revealing Her “Flaws” In New Single

    Meet Luna Elle — a rising R&B songstress from Mississauga, Canada — eager to take R&B music by storm. Today, she begins her ascent with the release of her new single, titled, “Flaws.” “My single ‘Flaws’ was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend about relationship expectations and dealing with someone who doesn’t fall within them,” she explains in a press release.

    The song is a new soulful follow-up to Elle’s previously released “True Love.” In the latest offering, Elle demonstrates unique storytelling abilities as she utilizes her exquisite vocals to depict realistic ideas about life and relationships. The emerging artist garners recognition from the likes of big names with her undeniable prowess, grace and beauty.

    In the new hit, Luna Elle expresses how love can grow if people are willing to see past each other’s flaws. The singer sings eloquently about how legendary love can withstand the test of time with her sensuous voice.

    “In the chorus, I say ‘love ain’t nothing like the movies, it’s not always fun.’ I feel like we are so influenced by the media, not necessarily just movies but social media,” Luna continued. “There’s a lot of celebrity couples that you can’t imagine arguing, but they do just like everyone else. So this lyric is a reminder that you won’t always see eye to eye in a relationship and it’s perfectly normal.”

    To no surprise, “Flaws,” is pure enchantment as her stunningly soft vocals grace the music it’s laid over. You may take a listen to “Flaws” below and continue to follow Luna Elle’s journey on social media.

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