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    Love Off-Screen: The Mystery Man Who Won Sydney Sweeney’s Heart

    Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino first met in late 2018 when they were spotted attending a few events together, such as an Emmys party and an InStyle and Kate Spade dinner party.

    They have kept their romance mostly out of the spotlight and don’t post about each other on social media.

    Meet Jonathan Davino: Restaurateur, Businessman, and Film Enthusiast

    Jonathan Davino is a restaurant owner and businessman who is based in Chicago. He recently dabbled in the film industry too, working with Sydney and her production company Fifty Fifty Films on her movie, Anyone But You, with Glen Powell. He also owns several vaporizer packaging companies.

    The timeline of Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino’s relationship

    Fall 2018: Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino first spark dating rumors.

    October 18, 2019: Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino attend a basketball game together.

    December 2019: Sydney Sweeney talks about wanting to settle down in Chicago.

    November 2020: Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino vacation in Maui.

    February 2022: Sydney Sweeney talks about not dating people in the spotlight. She also confirms her relationship status to Glamour UK.

    March 2022: Us Weekly confirms that they have gotten engaged after seeing them wearing matching rings on their fingers.

    Some notable events or milestones in Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino’s relationship

    In July 2022, ET Tonight spoke to a source close to the couple who revealed they were in the process of planning their wedding.

    In December 2022, Entertainment Tonight reported that the couple had not picked out a wedding date or much of the wedding planning yet despite being engaged for nearly two years. They said that Sydney was too busy working to think about it.

    In December 2023, People magazine published an article about their relationship timeline, highlighting some of their romantic moments together over the years.

    A Heartfelt Proposal: How Jonathan Davino Popped the Question

    Jonathan Davino proposed to Sydney Sweeney with a ring that he designed himself. He said that he wanted something unique and personal for her.

    he created a custom-made piece of jewelry that features a heart-shaped diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds.

    He also engraved their initials on the inside of the band. He said that he was nervous but excited when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said yes without hesitation.

    The details about Jonathan Davino’s public persona are not very clear, as he prefers to keep his personal life private.

    However, some sources have described him as a secretive person who is low-key but successful. He is also involved in various businesses related to technology and packaging.

    The couple handles the attention that comes with being engaged by avoiding social media posts or interviews about their relationship.

    They also try to balance their privacy with sharing some glimpses of their love life occasionally. For example, they have been seen holding hands at red carpet events or kissing at airports.

    There are no upcoming plans or announcements related to Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan’s wedding at this time.

    Sydney Sweeney’s latest movie,

    The couple balances their personal and professional lives together by supporting each other’s careers and passions.

    They also make time for each other by traveling together or spending quality time at home.

    They share some strategies for privacy such as using fake names or burner phones when communicating online.

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