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    Love: Keeping Hope Alive In Your Relationship In The Pandemic

    LOVE: KEEPING HOPE ALIVE IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP IN THE PANDEMICOkay, let’s face it. Old school romance is dying out a fast rate. However, there are true romantics who truly believe in love. With the pandemic conquering the world, there are couples who spend an expendable amount of time with each other. But does little time away from your partner dampen the relationship? Or can this make couples fall more in love? Spending too much time or spending too little time can be a double edge sword! Though love is fleeting in this generation, keeping love alive is possible.

    According to Joanne Davila, couples are discovering how much time they need together. Couples are also discovering how much time they need apart. Couples who have no choice but to crowd each others space are left with worries that the relationship will fray. Or, they are living in bliss!

    Keeping Love Alive During the Pandemic

    Things may seem to die down in the bedroom since couples are spending more time with each other. However, there are ways to keep things spicy even though you see each other everyday.

    One sure way to maintain healthy relationships is to respect our partner’s emotions. Being emotionally available in relationships unlock doors to healthy sexual compatibility.

    Mental health play large factors in the success of lasting, healthy relationships. Physical health not only contributes to mental well being, it promotes great self-esteem. Don’t mention a hot body! According to John Hopkins Medicine, staying at home can sometimes be boring, especially if there are no kids in the household. Drinking wine and slow dancing to your wedding song or over a movie is the perfect date night right? However, be careful not to abuse alcohol and substances.

    If a couple has children, couples need to be sure that they are sharing equal responsibility for the children. This can keep peace a priority in the household.

    To further spice things up in the bedroom, don’t be afraid to explore your sexuality! Buy that lingerie, go ahead and lace the bedroom with rose petals! Going that extra mile never hurt anyone. Being honest and loving will keep love alive, whether there is a pandemic or not.


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